GCH Shining-Moon Essence Desire 9*M

Three Year Old, from the rear as a Two Year Old

SS:  +*B Tempo Aquila Freelance
AA1485032; 4/3/09
DS:  +*B SG Sweet Dreams Nixon's Affirmed
DD:  Shining-Moon Alluring Desire 7*M

1-00 277 2410 92F 89P

2-00 270 3250 116F 111P (IP)



LA: To Be Scored in 2018

Essence is a powerful, deep doe with a shapely, well attached mammary system with tremendous width, strong medial, and proper teat placement and delineation. A promising yearling milker, she blossomed this year, finishing her championship by going GCH at REDGA under Jennifer Tereba, GCH and BOB at the Humboldt DGA show under Cody Durst, and GCH, BOB and BIS at Humboldt under Daniel Young. She was second with second udder to Extraordinaire at the Sonoma County Fair and Mendocino County fair in extremely competitive classes. Her structural correctness makes her the herd favorite of many fellow breeders. 

Essence had a single doe kid in 2017, which was associated with her carrying some extra weight and suboptimal udder capacity for such a large doe. However, her overall correctness in general appearance and mammary system remains intact. We are especially pleased that she transmitted these strengths to her beautiful milking yearling daughter, Haiku.

Bred to: Barnabe
Kids: $850


Two Year Old Two Year Old
Two Year Old Two Year Old

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