Shining-Moon Fashionista Dancr 5*M

Two Year Old

SS:  +*B Redwood Hills Jazz Rimrock
Sire:  *B Tempo Aquila Free Eros
SD:  SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free 1*M
AA1735951, 3/14/2015
DS:  +*B SG Sweet Dreams Nixon's Affirmed
Dam: Shining-Moon Diva Dancer 4*M
DD:  Shining-Moon Blase' Dancer
1-00 221 2350 80F 73P (IP)


LA: To be scored in 2018

Fashionista is our first Eros daughter to freshen, and we could not be more pleased. A stretchy, smoothly blended doe, her is high and wide with strong attachments all around. She has superb udder texture and good teat placement. A productive yearling, she peaked at over 12 lbs per day.  In six outings, she placed 1st five times, including in strong classes at REDGA and the Mendocino county fair. Still immature, she needs another freshening to deepen.

As a second freshener, Fashy peaked at 15lbs a day. Though still lacking in maturity, she is very correct and has a particularly high rear udder with a wide rear arch and good teat placement. She is the type of doe who comes into her own as a three- or four-year old. Fashy is the dam of two of our top winning dry does, Haute and Juicy, and we look forward to seeing them freshen.

Bred to: Helios
Kids: $650


Yearling Milker Yearling Milker

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