Olentangy Speeding Austinia

2016 AIC All American Junior Kid

Yearling Milker

SS: ++*B Willow Run Wonder Revolution
Sire:  ++*B SG Redwood Hills Revolution Speed
SD:  SGCH Redwood Hills F. Sebatienne 11*M
AA1788406, 4/3/2016
DS:  ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack
Dam: GCH Olentangy Yukon Adelite 7*M
DD:  Olentangy Trojan Aragonite 6*M


LA: To be scored in 2018

We are so pleased with the way Obie has matured into a powerful, productive, and stylish milking yearling.  Thank you Mark Baden for breeding such a beautiful doe. Obie topped the milking yearling class at the California State Fair and Mendocino County Fair, and the 4-ring REDGA show. At the Humboldt County DGA, she was GCH in one ring and RGCH in the other two. She has transmitted her best qualities to her daughter, Justinia.  Obie is bred to Avatar and due in mid April. One buck and one doe are reserved.

Bred to: Lacey Oak Avatar
Kids: $700


Yearling Milker Yearling Milker
Yearling Milker Junior Kid

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