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Thank you for your interest in our stock.  For over twenty-five years we have maintained a small herd of outstanding Alpine dairy goats on our ranch in the redwoods of northern California.  The herd is the result of a strict culling program and is limited to 8-10 milking does.   

Our animals are long-lived, and productive.  We breed for structurally correct, smoothly blended does with capacious, exceptional mammary systems.  In addition to striving for excellent individuals, we require that our animals consistently reproduce their qualities.  This has resulted in highly successful doe lines that produce champion progeny for generations.

Our does are known for their productivity and are in many dairies throughout the state. The herd is closed with the exception of bucks purchased or leased to breed to our does.  We do not board; our animals are CAE and abscess free. 

We are currently accepting orders for 2020 kids.  To Reserve a kid, please contact Grant ( or Trinity ( Our size constraints also make it imperative that we sell many show-quality kids or milking does we would rather keep. Therefore, nearly all buck kids, and many does will be offered for sale.  However, we do reserve the right to decide not to offer any kid born, so we urge you to make both a first and second choice.  If we cannot fill your order, your deposit will be returned.  Prices do not include a $75 delivery charge to the Sacramento airport, shipping, or health certificate fees. We ship between 4-6 weeks of age. On any buck kid, we reserve the option to purchase up to 20 units of semen for the cost of collection.


2017 was the first year the Shining-Moon Alpines were integrated with the Goat-San herd. The transition has gone very well, and we could not be more pleased with the way the animals have adopted to living with more animals and other breeds. We are especially pleased with our younger stock, including our group of milking yearlings.

If you are looking for an excellent herdsire or a top show doe who is also productive, we think you would do well to consider an animal from Shining Moon Ranch.

Please contact Grant or Trinity for any inquiries regarding the herd, or kid sales. or 415-265-0261,


Grant and Micki

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