Herd Sires

SS:  Angel-Prairie Brutus Realthing
Sire:  *B GCH Cherry Glen Realthing Driver
SD:  DKidd Dinah' Dianna
AA1785482, 2/24/2016
DS: +*B GCH Windrush Farms IRS Charmer
Dam: GCH PJ-Baileys' Charmer AGlimmer EX 92
DD: SGCH PJ-Baileys' Sultan Arabella


                Dam: GCH AGlimmer EX 92                                       Helios @ 1 yr old
               Photo Courtesy of PJ Baileys' (Pactricia Bailey)

West coast Alpine herds have focused on relatively few bloodlines of late – and as we searched for a new junior herdsire we decided it was time to try something new. We have followed the development, consistency, and success of the PJ Bailey herd in Ohio, especially admiring their long, wide, powerful American Alpine does Glimmer and her full sister Glow.  Their quality was confirmed by their performance at national shows and their consistently high appraisal scores as they matured. We were excited by the potential of the Driver breeding, and ordered a buck kid. Helios is a huge kid with great strength of bone, correct feet and legs, width of escutcheon, and openness throughout. We have used him heavily on our Eros daughters. 

Helios’ first kids are sylish, deep, and dairy, with impressive width and levelness.  Although we haven’t shown bucks in nearly thirty years, we took Helios to one buck show where he was GCH in all three rings and BIS once, finishing his championship as a yearling.  We admire his power, strength, and width, and his very strong feet and legs. His first daughters will freshen in 2018.

SS:  *B Tempo Aquila Talent
Sire:  *B Lacey Oak Talisman
SD:  SGCH Olentangy Rainman Trillium 5*M
AA1890406, 4/21/2017
DS:  +*B Shining-Moon X-Rated
Dam: SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Rima 11*M
DD:  SG Redwood Hills Lance Raindrop 10*M

                  Dam: SGCH Rima                                       Grand Dam: SGCH Trillium
         EX 93 * 2012 National Champion                                 5-04 EX 92 VEEE
                Photo Courtesy of Redwood Hill Farm                                         Photo Courtesy of Lacey Oak (Rebecca Kracker)

“Reni” combines some outstanding Alpine lines with proven consistency. Rima is not only a national champion and beautiful doe, she’s an extremely strong brood doe with many beautiful daughters including permanent champion daughters Rosetta (VG 89 FF), Ripple (EX 90), and Rhianna (EX 91). Daughter Ria also scored EX 91.  We think the cross on Trillium’s side is very compelling because so many of our animals trace back to Rainman. Reni himself is a wide and dairy sundgau with a beautiful head.

SS:  ++*B Willow-Run LA Armand
Sire:  ++*B Willow Run Armand Abraham AI
SD:  GCH Willow-Run Agnes of God 5*M
A1869586, 3/18/2017
DS:  ++*B GCH Roebrun's Legacy
Dam: Missdee's RL BellaFlora 3*M
DD:  Missdee's TC BellaDonna 2*M

          Dam: BellaFlora (Side and Rear)                                    Genetic Full Sister: Amelie
4-03 EX 92 EEEE     5-03 EX 91 VEEE                       2-03 EX 92 EEEE   3-03 EX 91 VEEE 
                                                              Photos Courtesy of Missdee's (Gene Dershawitz)

We’ve admired the Missdee’s herd for many years; their animals are consistent generation after generation,  going back to the 1980’s and 90’s when they had several national or reserve national champions. Although they no longer show, their does’ appraisal and production scores are very impressive.  Barnabe’s dam is a powerful, deep, and productive doe with a shapely mammary system with especially good teat size and placement. Abraham was one of Willow-Run’s most influential herdsires, whose daughters were consistently stylish and tall. On our visit to the herd, we were not only impressed with BellFlora (as a third freshener: 329-4150-137-120, fourth: 339-3900-127-109),  but also her full sister BellRosa (EX 91) and Barnabe’s full genetic sister Amelie (EX 92 at 2 years).  Barnabe himself is an extremely tall and sharp buck with good feet and leg set. We expect him to throw lovely udders and transmit high production, and have used him quite heavily this year.

SS:  *B Redwood Hills Sierra Jazzman
Sire:  +*B Redwood Hills Jazz Rimrock
SD:  SGCH Redwood Hills X-Rated Rima 11*M
AA1692502, 4/28/2014
DS: ++*B SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack
Dam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Living Free 1*M EX95
DD:  RB Farm Born Free

       Dam: Living Free EX 95 2015 National Champion         Full Sister: SGCH Tempo Aquila Skippin Free 
Photos courtesy of Tempo Aquila (Laurie Acton)   

Eros, our senior herdsire, combines some of the most correct, consistent, productive, and stylish Alpine lines in the country. His productive dam, the 2015 national champion, is the highest appraised doe ever. She passes her winning traits on to her offspring: Eros’ full sister, Skippin’, appraised 92, won the three year old class at nationals, and teemed up with Living to win the dam and daughter class. Rimrock has sired some beautiful GCH does in Laurie Acton’s herd, and it is exciting to linebreed on Shining Moon bloodlines via X-Rated’s most known daughter, 2013 national champion Rima. Eros is a long, sharp, and smoothly blended buck. Most important, he is siring very structurally correct offspring, and his first freshening daughters have well-attached, correctly shaped and placed udders that milk easily and well. We are very impressed with this buck  who is crossing very well with our does; we will continue to use him heavily.

We freshened four more Eros daughter in 2017; all were very strong in general appearance and have impressive mammary systems, with especially high rear udders, good udder shape, and correct teat size and placement. After three years of use and eight daughters in the herd, we made the difficult decision to sell Eros; he currently resides in the Sweet Dreams herd.

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