SGCH Shining Moon Radical Swing Dancer *M

5 Year-Old, 5th Freshener

SS:  *B Redwood Hills Samurai Sioux
Sire:  +*B Shining Moon Radical Act
AA1266557; 4/2/03; chamoisee
DS:  *B Qu'Appelle Ember
Dam:  Shining Moon Punk Dancer
DD:  Shining Moon Kachina Dancer  (daughter of CH Raindancer)
LA:      EX90 (VEEE) at 2 years
             EX91 (EEEE) at 5 years
DHIA: 2-00 200 2480 4.2 105 2.9 71
            2-11 230 3190 3.8 122 2.9 94
            3-11 259 3670 3.7 136 3.1 114
            4-11 302 4410 3.3 161 3.4 151 (Top Ten 2009: #1 Protein, #2 Milk, #4 Butterfat)
            5-11 217 3150 4.2 133 2.8 88
            6-11 279 3610 4.1 148 2.9 104


Our first Radical Act daughter, Swing Dancer is stylish, sharp and extremely wide. Her first time shown she was 1st place Junior Kid (class of 38) and GCH at the California State Fair! Swing Dancer freshened with a beautiful udder, with especially good teat size and excellent udder shape. She also excels in general appearance, with especially strong feet and legs. Shown seven times as a yearling milker, she was 1st six times and 3rd once.

Swing completed her championship at three years, winning Grand Champion at the prestigious REDGA Show. Swing's greatest strengths are her outstanding mammary system, overall correctness, and dairy character. She is a low-maintenance doe who maintains high production and a very level lactation curve. At the 2009 Nationals, Swing placed 7th in the 5-6 year class, and was named Total Performer! 

Swing continues to excel at seven years of age, exhibiting strong general appearance and an excellent mammary system. She is an excellent brood doe; her daughters Winsome and Zuni are beautiful. Swing is bred to Rhett and due in March.

Bred to: Rhett
Kids: $700




2 Year Old, 2nd Freshener Junior Kid


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