Shining Moon Radical Tambourine 5*M

3 Year Old, 3rd Freshener

SS:  *B Redwood Hills Samurai Sioux
Sire:  Shining Moon Radical Act
AA1304988; 3/28/04; chamoisee
DS:  +*B Redwood Hills Yreka Solar
Dam:  Shining Moon Moulin Rouge 4*M
DD:  Shining Moon Noor 3*M  (daughter of CH Bittersweet)
LA:      VG86 (VE+V) at 1 year
             EX90 (VEEE) at 4 years
DHIA: 1-00  209 1460 3.0 44 2.9 43
             1-11  237 2710 3.7 101 3.1 83
             3-00  259 3670 4.0 147 2.9 107
             3-11  270 4110 3.4 140 3.2 132


Tambourine has matured into a stylish, long and extremely level doe who excels in dairiness and overall area of udder attachment. She has two milking championship legs. She is productive and a top-ten contender this year. We would like Tambourine's teats to be better delineated, a trait that we are confident will be corrected by her breeding to Freelance. Her 2007 kid, Xylophone, is beautiful; she was 1st place Junior Kid at the 2007 Sonoma and Mendocino County Fairs and 2nd place at the California State Fair; she was also 2nd place Dry Yearling at the 2008 California State Fair. Another Tambourine daughter, Whistleblower, finished her championship as a first freshening two year-old.




Milking Yearling Milking Yearling


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