GCH Shining Moon Winsome Dancer 2*M

3 Year-Old, 2nd Freshener

SS:  *B Cherry Glen High Fortune
Sire:  Redwood Hills Tour De Force
SD:  GCH Redwood Hills Dynamic Savannah 6*M
AA1371619; 4/1/06
DS:  Shining Moon Radical Act
DD:  Shining Moon Punk Dancer
LA:      VG88 (VVVE) at 2 Years
DHIA: 1-11 255 2920 3.1 90 3.0 88
            2-11 223 2500 3.0 75 2.9 72
            4-00 211 2670 3.0 81 2.5 67


Winsome is a beautiful doe: extremely tall, long, level, stylish and correct, with a shapely and well-attached mammary system with excellent teat size and placement. In 2007, she was 1st place Dry Yearling and Grand Champion at the California State Fair; as a 1st freshening 2 year old, she was Reserve Grand Champion to Sine for her second leg. In 2009, Winsome had an extremely difficult kidding, causing a slow start to the show season. Nevertheless, she managed to place 6th in a large class of 3 Year-Olds at Nationals. By late August she had come into her own, placing 1st at the California State Fair; she then won Grand Champion and Best Alpine Udder at the Mendocino County Fair. 

Winsome had a great year in 2010, going Best-Of-Breed at the REDGA show under Ray Vieira and Todd Harp. Winsome is bred to X-Factor and due in March. 

Bred to: X-Factor
Kids: $700




4 Year Old, 3rd Freshener 3 Year Old, 2nd Freshener


2 Year Old, 1st Freshener 2 Year Old, 1st Freshener


Senior Yearling


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