Shining Moon Xpose 4*M

2 Year-Old, 1st Freshener

SS:  +*B Milar Farm Royal Image
SD:  GCH Exemplr Farm Royal Ferina
AA1413430; 3/15/07
DS:  Tim Tam Johnny Rocket
DD:  GCH Shining Moon Harmony 2*M
DHIA: 1-11 223 2170 3.4 74 3.2 69

Xpose was kept dry in 2008; she was GCH and BIS at the REDGA Junior Doe Show, and 1st place Dry Yearling at the Sonoma and Mendocino County Fairs. She freshened with an outstanding udder, with an especially high and wide rear udder and good teat size and placement. She is extremely correct and smoothly blended throughout, reminding use very much of her dam. Xpose was 7th in a large Two Year-Old class at the Nationals. 




Senior Yearling


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