GCH Shining Moon Zinger Dancer 1*M

Six Years

SS:  +*B Tempo Aquila Freelance
AA1485032; 4/3/09
DS:  *B Willow Run Wonder Revolution (son of Rishona, 4x National GCH)
Dam: Shining Moon Xpressionist Dancer
1-00 213 2460 76F 68P
1-11 279 4290 105F 124P
3-00 305 5280 149F 154P
3-11 305 4150 118F 117P
5-00 269 4240 102F 113P
6-00 264 4410 127F 115P

Life: 1713 25,500 694F 720P

5-03 EX 92 EEEE

The 2013 Alpine breed leader for production, Zinger is smooth, long, level, and elegant. She was 1st place junior kid at the 2009 nationals and reserve national junior champion; at the California State fair, she was BIS in the junior doe show, and was the All-American junior kid. She freshened with a beautiful mammary system with an especially high rear udder. In limited showing, she completed her championship with a best in show at the 2013 Mendocino County Fair. At 7, she remains productive and correct, though a leg injury keeps her from the shows. Her appraisal score reflects her overall correctness in all 4 major categories. 

Bred to: Renaissance
Kids: $1000


Four Years Yearling Milker
Junior Kid Junior Kid

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